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Service price

CategoryService projectService feeInstructions
Industrial and commercial registration、Change and cancellationThe new company registrationFree of charge
Address change with the area500Yuan
Business scope change500Yuan
The name change500Yuan
Simple cancellation--
Equity changes(Shareholders unchanged)1000Yuan
A capital increase,The action500Yuan
Address change across the region1000Yuan
As a legal person to change1000Yuan
Shareholders to change2000Yuan
Bookkeeping agencySmall scale(0 declare)200Yuan/Month
Small scale(Have a business)www09655com救世网Yuan/Month
Average taxpayer600Yuan/Month
Foreign trade enterprises1000Yuan/Month
Production of foreign trade enterprises1200Yuan/Month
Social security and accumulation fundSocial security accounts,Add member500Yuan
Accumulation fund account500Yuan
The administrative licensing agentLabor PaQianZheng2000Yuan
Set up a talent agency license2000Yuan
Dangerous chemicals business license--
Food business licenses1000Yuan

Enterprise support

Zhejiang free trade policies supporting enterprises have settled in reading
TaxEnterprise income taxValue added tax
T(Ten thousand yuan)Support local portion ratioSupport local portion ratio
10Ten thousand yuan≤T<300Ten thousand yuan90%80%
300Ten thousand yuan≤T<1000Ten thousand yuan90%85%
T≥1000Ten thousand yuan90%90%

1、This support policy applies to commerce、Modern services and other enterprises。

2、Companies that year of real pay enterprise income tax、Total from the local portion of VATT(Ten thousand yuan)Throughout the year10Ten thousand yuan of above(Contain10Ten thousand yuan)The enterprise,Enjoy the above policy support。

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