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  In the jiangsu hua jiang construction group co., LTD1965Years5Month。2000Years6On the restructuring was renamed jiangsu hua jiang construction engineering co., LTD。

  2aa000Years11Set up for the enterprise group。Owns:The architectural design、Real estate development、Precision casting、Commercial trade、BIMEngineering technology、Property management services、Investment and financing management and so on more than 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint-stock company,13Take a branch and more directly under the engineering department。

  Hua jiang group is a national building engineering construction general contracting qualification,Construction and civil air defense engineering class a design qualification。At the same time with the first-grade qualification of architectural decoration project specialized contracting,Municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting level 2 qualification,Fire control facilities project specialized contracting、Lifting equipment installation project specialized contracting、Professional mechanical and electrical installation project construction contract、Waterproof and anti-corrosion insulation engineering contracting secondary qualification,Steel structure project specialized contracting、Foundation engineering contracting three qualities,The template scaffold professional contracting qualification。Real estate development for the subsidiary holding secondary qualification、Realty service level 3 qualification, etc。

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Hua jiang group signed a contract with hubei happiness liuheyuan group success
Hubei happiness liuheyuan industrial group co., LTD(The happiness liuheyuan group for short)To set up the launched in wuhan city, hubei province for urban village reconstruction,Has now developed into a real estate development、Building construction、Industrial manufacturing、Network science and technology as one of the diversified industrial group。Jiangsu hua jiang construction group co., LTD(The hua jiang group for short)Architecture industry modernization to promote work in the provinces。  In order to meet the need of modern urban development and construction industry in wuhan,Happiness liuheyuan group after consultations with hua jiang group,A number of strategic cooperation intention:Wish in the form of strategic alliance in wuhan area to undertake construction engineering construction projects,Cooperation to research and develop the prefabricated construction of prefabricated concrete、Production and sales business,Founded in wuhan yangluo economic development zone and quasi hua jiang happiness liuheyuan modern construction development co., LTD。5Month9Monday morning,The two sides《Investment cooperation agreement》And《Project cooperation framework agreement》The first conference room successfully signed in hua jiang group。To sign will have:The riverbank district planning bureau deputy director Lin Xuan wuhan city、The Yangtze river new town sub-center lu road, deputy director of land consolidation reserves、Jiangdu district live built bureau SheGang、Deputy director of pat ting hung、Happiness liuheyuan Xu Zhiqi industrial group chairman、Xu-ping wu, general manager、Hua jiang group chairman PangYongXiang、Group fabricated division general manager by companies such as representative,Group chairman of the supervisory board Shang Lin to chair the meeting。  The signing ceremony,Happiness liuheyuan group chairman and hua jiang group chairman separately,Said the two sides have a common aim、The sense of responsibility and initiative,On the construction、Construction industry modernization in areas such as omni-directional、Multi-dimensional cooperation,Hua jiang efforts to the pursuit of happiness、Hua jiang happiness。  The riverbank district planning bureau in wuhan city and yangzhou city jiangdu district live built bureau leadership delivered an important speech,In expressing wishes at the same time,Commitment to both the government and related department will fully support the cooperation。  (Modular division?Zhang)
The day before
The contemporaryMOMALake area south of the city5#Apartment building project smoothly
Jiangsu hua jiang taiyuan branch construction of contemporary construction groupMOMALake area south of the city(The wu family village inside city transformation)Engineering projects5#Apartment buildings in4Month23Monday morning10Points08Smooth caps。??  The sun shines the site of the project,Spring is abundant。In the hot atmosphere construction,We ushered in the relevant government department、The leader of contemporary real estate company and main assist unit,To participate in together5#Apartment building capping ceremony。?  Project department in Tian Fu lion、De-quan he two under the correct leadership of the general manager,A good soldier organization will,In accordance with requirements of the group in the standardized management,To overcome the long rainy season、In the winter
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Hua jiang flies、Hua jiang passed the first batch of provincial science and technology r&d center building industry demonstration base of modernization、Demonstration project evaluation
4Month22Number,Hua jiang auspicious company、Hua jiang ushered in the science and technology research and development center“Provincial construction industry modernization demonstration cities、Demonstration base、Demonstration project assessment team”,The vice director of provincial JianGuanJu surianoka、Ministries and agencies govn't having Xu Bang deputy researcher and other leaders、Experts led Jiang Xiangrui company in China、Hua jiang science and technology research and development center for construction industry modernization evaluation demonstration work,Including the assessment link:The scene in possession、Listen to the report、Data reference、Exchange of views, etc。?  The assessment team first jiangsu hua jiang auspicious demonstration base of modern architecture development co., LTD、Hua jiang science and technology research and development center on-site demonstration project in possession。Yangzhou
201aaaa000000022 10:56
Siyang Beijing road experimental school projects department conduct safety education activities
4Month9Monday morning,Siyang experimental school projects department in Beijing road safety to preach conducted monthly safety education conference,The project manager HuaGuiAn、Cai Zheng safety supervisor、Projects department all the managers、The contractor group and on-site production workers。The meeting shall be presided over by Zhou Guoqing, head of production。

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