JT000000-00-0-0-0-025 Smart spell format box making machines

Automatic makeup type box making machine is a specialized production upscale boutique box of professional equipment,After the market survey found,The current...
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BZZ900 Book box assembly

Book box set installed is simple to use convenient、High efficiency、Save glue、Positioning,Is the book box manufacturers to reduce production...
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STJ500 Automatic fillet machine

Fully automatic fillet machine adopts four cornersPLCProgramming controller,Servo drive,Touch screen man-machine interface,Full computer function parameter Settings...
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Video display

Strive for perfection,Constant,The basis of pragmatic,Looking forward to for you。

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Ruian jie tai machinery co., LTD is located in there“China packaging machinery city”Known as the wenzhou ruian,Focus on packaging machinery design and development、Manufacturing、Sales and service of science and technology enterprises...
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